Internationally the governments are trying to solve the problem of climate control.  How can we control the temperature of the world?  Annually we see many weather related deaths. A very high percentage of these death come from exposure or extreme cold.  The problems noted in the Northeast illustrate that cold has many unique ways of causing death.  One of the major problems associated with heavy snow is the difficulty in obtaining treatment for health problems that if promptly treated would not cause death but when they occur during a period of time where transportation is not available or transportation is very delayed death can occur.

Step back from the obvious health issues and look only at the weather related economic impact and I would suggest that we are spending our money on the wrong problems.  We should be attempting to learn how to live in our environment rather than trying to control it.


Can Our Country Be Great Again?  The very question suggests that the “greatness” of our country is gone or slipping away.  I would suggest that our position as the most prosperous country in the world is no longer unquestionable.  There are many reasons why we have seen a significant economic decline in our country, some of which were touched on in last weeks editorial.  The question IS, “Can we be great again and what must we do to reestablish our country as the most vibrant economic power in the world?”

Before we explore if we can, another question should be answered, “Should we even try to be “Great?”  The very question of “Should we try,” is just a bit repugnant.  We are a country that is constitutionally formed to be unique and different from every other country on earth.  Our government draws its power from the people.  Most other countries grant power or privilege to their people.  This is the source of our strength, “The People of The United States of America!”

In that statement is the first clue in regaining a position of greatness in the world.  Some would suggest that we return to our roots.  That has the implication that we must go backwards, giving up some of modern day real progress.  Actually what we need to do is release the strength of our nation.   The productive, innovative, energetic, charitable, people of the United States!

If we wish to again become great we must become the most productive.  Think for a moment of the fuel for our economy.  That fuel is cash, capital, currency, US Dollars.  If we want to see the economy improve we need to increase the supply of fuel.  The current approach to this has been for the government to establish stimulus programs which at best are not working very well.  The capital injected into the economy does not reach the cradles of innovation that generate productive jobs.  The government is making the investment decisions and our government does not have a good track record in this area.

If we want to fuel our economy we must put the power to invest directly into the hands of those that make that money work the hardest, the American people.  Our present tax system that taxes income removes the fuel for investment from those that innovate in direct proportion to their success.  We need to understand, Bill Gate’s incredible financial success has been shared by the employees and investors of Microsoft.  Instead of penalizing success we should encourage it by allowing the capital to remain in the hands of those that are using it successfully.

One method to do this is to move from taxing income to taxing consumption.  Every product that is made in the United States has an extraordinary tax burden hidden in it.  The products that are made must pay not only the income taxes of the corporation, they must also pay the property taxes, income taxes and fees for everyone that derives their income from that corporation.  It must also pay for the record keeping and tax reporting for those people.

This process of tax collecting not only punishes success, it embeds inefficiency in our economy.  It drives individuals to make decisions based on tax consequences rather than basing those decisions on productivity improvements, innovation or capital development.  If the current income based taxation were moved to a consumption based system rather than the current income based system, we as a nation would be driven to invest or save our money.  We would do thisw because the income from the investments would be tax free, our money.  We would pay tax only when we made a purchase.

The effect of this would be to immediately expand our income and to reduce the cost of our purchases.  How can that be you ask?  The initial impact would be the reduction of manufacturing and distribution overhead.  We would also see an immediate repatriation of US dollars currently living in foreign countries where they receive more favorable tax treatment.  We would see foreign investment drawn to our country.  All of this equals more fuel for the expansion of our ability to produce.  This improvement in the economy would not necessarily result in the dreaded inflation because the system would encourage increased investment rather than increased consumption.  Taxes discourage activity.

Our right to decide how we spend our money should be considered as a right protected in the same context as our right to free speech.  If the citizens of our country are given the right and the responsibility to manage their money, some won’t but many will.  If our government returns to the American people the right to manage their funds, their will be a few that will innovate, use their creative freedom to produce.  We as a country need to tax the consumers of our products rather than the producers of the success.  As a country we need to understand that the geese that lay our golden eggs are not to be punished.   We need to celebrate and encourage success.  We should demand that our government not intrude or impede unduly on the industry and investors of our country.   We should demand that we be allowed to be Great!

The world has viewed the United States of America as the greatest country in the world.  I say has because we no longer are the uncontested leader in the world.  The two opinion pieces discuss how we earned that position in the world and what we must do to regain the respect of the world.

Where has America’s Greatness Gone?

 This is two a part editorial that will first look at what has happen to the greatness of our country and the second part will look at how we may regain our position in the world.

Our country has experienced a number of events, small and large, that have adversely affected the nations ability to produce.  We have previously earned the respect of the world as a land of opportunity.  Our land of opportunity came into being because of the collision of an energetic, innovative, people; a government structure that allowed those people freedom of expression and ownership of their failures and successes.  The fuel for our countries progress has been a stable financial infrastructure that encouraged growth.  Over a period of years, the environment that encouraged individuals to risk their capital and energy for personal profit has been seriously degraded.

Our government is in a runaway condition that no longer supports or encourages entrepreneurial activity but seeks to prey on the success of entrepreneurs.  There is a tension that exists between our government and successful individual.  The tension is simply described in one simple question, “Who has the first right to determine how the capital that an individual acquires should be used?”  Most successful individuals know how to grow capital.  Our government operates by sequestering capital and squandering it at the discretion of government leaders.  They use the confiscated capital for their pet projects, to reward their friends and to manipulate public behavior.   A very large portion of the federal expenditures are not supported by constitutional authority.

Our Government has been negligent in protecting the environment that has encouraged the very activities that provide the largess that funds our government.  We have experienced a number of corporate frauds that were encouraged by financial practices that put in place by the Federal government.  Instead of protecting the integrity of our financial systems, our leaders have been gaming the system for their own personal benefit.  The collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are just the culmination of several decades of activity that has encouraged fraudulent behavior in our financial systems.  This corruption led to our most recent financial collapse and our current economic condition.

One group of leaders in our Government has continued to chip away a the traditional structures that have encouraged social stability in our country.  Social programs put into effect by our government for good and compassionate purposes have had many unintended consequences.  We have seen a continuing effort to redefine the family.  The restructure our families to meet several unconventional models.  We evolved the conventional family model of a husband and wife over thousands of years as the best model to aid children to develop int to successful adults, capable of functioning in society as a productive, self supporting individual.

The continued assault on family structure has led to an inefficient and unstable condition in society.  Parents have lost control of their children.  Increasingly a parents control is taken from them by a system that fails at nearly everything it does.  A Government that is incapable of ensuring its own character and ethics is not likely to instill admiral qualities of character and ethics in a maturing child.  As parents and citizens of the United States we shouldn’t be willing to abandon our personal responsibilities of child raising to our Government.  In our public school systems we have in large part done just that.  One of the defining differences between religious schools and government run public schools is that religious schools attempt to address the values that affect character and morals.

Look at the areas that our Federal Government touches and ask yourself which of these areas has our government achieved noteworthy success, gaining a position of international respect.  There is only one that truly rises to that standard and it is the US Military.  This is one area where the governments authority to operate is fully supported by the constitution.  Our Space program previously enjoyed uncontested superiority but that position has been squandered.   Our financial systems were once most respected in the world and our currency became a world standard.  Our currency has been destabilized and devalued to the point that influential countries around the world are actively seeking to replace it with another currency.

Our Government, that should protect and regulate our commerce, has systematically undermined the very foundations of our commerce that allowed America to be thought of as the land of opportunity.  Instead of protecting the foundations of our economy our government has preyed on it.  In stead of encouraging the growth of our economy our Government has assumed greater control of the economy making our economic engines unable to bear the weight of government regulation and taxation.

Our government has opted to discourage economic growth instead choosing to patronize the public with social programs designed to buy votes and add to the personal enrichment of individual government legislators, the legislators friends, and supporters.

We should look to our government to create and nurture an environment that will encourage the individual application of innovation, initiative, and willingness to risk personal capital for personal gain.


That is what I think.  Tell me what you think?




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