American Greatness


The world has viewed the United States of America as the greatest country in the world.  I say has because we no longer are the uncontested leader in the world.  The two opinion pieces discuss how we earned that position in the world and what we must do to regain the respect of the world.

Where has America’s Greatness Gone?

 This is two a part editorial that will first look at what has happen to the greatness of our country and the second part will look at how we may regain our position in the world.

Our country has experienced a number of events, small and large, that have adversely affected the nations ability to produce.  We have previously earned the respect of the world as a land of opportunity.  Our land of opportunity came into being because of the collision of an energetic, innovative, people; a government structure that allowed those people freedom of expression and ownership of their failures and successes.  The fuel for our countries progress has been a stable financial infrastructure that encouraged growth.  Over a period of years, the environment that encouraged individuals to risk their capital and energy for personal profit has been seriously degraded.

Our government is in a runaway condition that no longer supports or encourages entrepreneurial activity but seeks to prey on the success of entrepreneurs.  There is a tension that exists between our government and successful individual.  The tension is simply described in one simple question, “Who has the first right to determine how the capital that an individual acquires should be used?”  Most successful individuals know how to grow capital.  Our government operates by sequestering capital and squandering it at the discretion of government leaders.  They use the confiscated capital for their pet projects, to reward their friends and to manipulate public behavior.   A very large portion of the federal expenditures are not supported by constitutional authority.

Our Government has been negligent in protecting the environment that has encouraged the very activities that provide the largess that funds our government.  We have experienced a number of corporate frauds that were encouraged by financial practices that put in place by the Federal government.  Instead of protecting the integrity of our financial systems, our leaders have been gaming the system for their own personal benefit.  The collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are just the culmination of several decades of activity that has encouraged fraudulent behavior in our financial systems.  This corruption led to our most recent financial collapse and our current economic condition.

One group of leaders in our Government has continued to chip away a the traditional structures that have encouraged social stability in our country.  Social programs put into effect by our government for good and compassionate purposes have had many unintended consequences.  We have seen a continuing effort to redefine the family.  The restructure our families to meet several unconventional models.  We evolved the conventional family model of a husband and wife over thousands of years as the best model to aid children to develop int to successful adults, capable of functioning in society as a productive, self supporting individual.

The continued assault on family structure has led to an inefficient and unstable condition in society.  Parents have lost control of their children.  Increasingly a parents control is taken from them by a system that fails at nearly everything it does.  A Government that is incapable of ensuring its own character and ethics is not likely to instill admiral qualities of character and ethics in a maturing child.  As parents and citizens of the United States we shouldn’t be willing to abandon our personal responsibilities of child raising to our Government.  In our public school systems we have in large part done just that.  One of the defining differences between religious schools and government run public schools is that religious schools attempt to address the values that affect character and morals.

Look at the areas that our Federal Government touches and ask yourself which of these areas has our government achieved noteworthy success, gaining a position of international respect.  There is only one that truly rises to that standard and it is the US Military.  This is one area where the governments authority to operate is fully supported by the constitution.  Our Space program previously enjoyed uncontested superiority but that position has been squandered.   Our financial systems were once most respected in the world and our currency became a world standard.  Our currency has been destabilized and devalued to the point that influential countries around the world are actively seeking to replace it with another currency.

Our Government, that should protect and regulate our commerce, has systematically undermined the very foundations of our commerce that allowed America to be thought of as the land of opportunity.  Instead of protecting the foundations of our economy our government has preyed on it.  In stead of encouraging the growth of our economy our Government has assumed greater control of the economy making our economic engines unable to bear the weight of government regulation and taxation.

Our government has opted to discourage economic growth instead choosing to patronize the public with social programs designed to buy votes and add to the personal enrichment of individual government legislators, the legislators friends, and supporters.

We should look to our government to create and nurture an environment that will encourage the individual application of innovation, initiative, and willingness to risk personal capital for personal gain.


That is what I think.  Tell me what you think?





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