Blame Vs Leadership

I don’t know about everyone else but, I long for a real leader in our federal government.  The person currently in the White House does not have any concept of what it means to be a leader.   The word leader is derived from the word lead, as to lead a person or animal to place.  Lead also conveys the meaning to set a direction for a group, organization or country.

We have many issues in this country that beg for just a little leadership.  Leadership and dictatorship are two entirely different processes.  Leadership works best if you can convince an individual or a group of individuals, to follow you.  This implies that you would have an idea to change or improve that was shared with the group and the group, supporting the ideas, would follow as the leader worked to implement the ideas.

Now if you are in a position of leadership and don’t have an idea on how to improve or change the a condition it becomes very difficult to lead.  This is the first deficit that can be readily identified in our president, he does not have a single idea for change that is supported by the masses.  It would appear to me that he would have a few supportable ideas even if they weren’t very good ideas.

There are a few other conditions that a leader must address if they wish to have a group of citizens follow the as they attempt to lead.  A leader must not only have at least one or two good ideas the public can support but the must also have the trust of the public.  I am sure that President Obama was attempting to earn our trust when he called the American people lazy.  The liberals say that we are misquoting the President when we state that he called his countrymen lazy.  Well, if you associate a reference to the word “Lazy” with a reference to the people of America in the same sentence you are either very foolish or stupid, qualities that will not earn you the trust of the people.

The true evidence that our President does not have the necessary qualities to lead becomes evident when he attempts to justify his failings by blaming others.  Mr Obama had a truly immature vision of the power of the office of the president when apparently thought he could effect the restoration of economy by just signing a document, by issuing a presidential order.  That is not leadership.

Our forefathers wrote the constitution and structured our government to require consensus.  They distributed the power of government between its three branches.  If our government is to function there must be a consensus formed between the three branches.  The American people typically do not allow one party to control the executive and legislative branches.  Divided government requires great political skill and leadership to successfully govern.  Maybe next time!


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