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Internationally the governments are trying to solve the problem of climate control.  How can we control the temperature of the world?  Annually we see many weather related deaths. A very high percentage of these death come from exposure or extreme cold.  The problems noted in the Northeast illustrate that cold has many unique ways of causing […]

Can Our Country Be Great Again?  The very question suggests that the “greatness” of our country is gone or slipping away.  I would suggest that our position as the most prosperous country in the world is no longer unquestionable.  There are many reasons why we have seen a significant economic decline in our country, some […]

The world has viewed the United States of America as the greatest country in the world.  I say has because we no longer are the uncontested leader in the world.  The two opinion pieces discuss how we earned that position in the world and what we must do to regain the respect of the world. […]

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About Ed Tyler I am located in Pell City, Al.  I am a veteran of the US Air Force and retired from South Central Bell/BellSouth/BellSouth Advanced Networks/AT&T.  I left out a few jobs and employers but, it was becoming a run on sentence.  I write a weekly opinion piece for the St Clair News Aegis. […]